In-Game Name: QuikstuR

Discord: QuikstuR#8199


We created this guild because we got tired of going into guilds where people are inactive. We got tired of seeing people joining only to beg for gold. We got tired of seeing leaders who don’t do anything at all. Therefore we, the founders, created this guild, one with (hopefully) none of these issues. We are building a guild which people can log into and be excited to talk and play with their fellow guild members. Where we can all work to help each other get stronger. Everyone in the guild plays an important role, no matter what rank we are. We are not building a normal guild here, we are building lifelong friendships. We would like everyone to believe that this guild is their own guild.






In-Game Name: Katherine

Discord: Katherine#9302




In-Game Name: Jutoh

Discord: Gugi#9734




In-Game Name: Sizbun

Discord: Katy#5826




In-Game Name: WhiteRosee

Discord: WhiteRosee#5476




In-Game Name: Kilmi

Discord: dogfish#4987