House Rules


1. Always have respect for every member.

2. All members are strongly encouraged to take part in guild activities like games, team building events, and monthly guild summons. The date, time, and place are always announced beforehand.

3. A member who leaves the guild and joins back will automatically be stripped of their rank and will be given the starting rank of a ‘Recruit.’

4. If a member is going to be inactive for a while, it is recommended they let any leader or a captain know.

5. Explicit subjects, adult talks, foul language, fighting, and drama are strongly discouraged in general chat.

6. Begging for items from members is not allowed.

7. Be aware of how you act because the way you behave represents and reflects back on to the guild both good and bad qualities.

8. Whatever is discussed in LoO guild chats/servers should always stay between the guild and nowhere else.