How to Support Bard:

Written by: RoseBunny with assistance from OP Bard Tifa



Point Placement:

            Offensive Stats:

                                    Put points into SPD until it is 50% (Cap) then place remaining points into crit.

                                    If your SPD is already 50% or when you are able to cap it without points put all 99 points in crit, then extra into SPD.


            Defensive Stats:

                                    Put points into DEF until it is 80% (Cap) then put the remaining points into HP

                                    If your DEF is already 80% or when you are able to cap it without points put all 99 in HP, then extra into DEF. As a bard main our DEF overcaps into HP.

*In full gear bards easily cap EVA. EVA is also not useful in PVE so do not put points into it.




Storm Build: Song of Full Moon               

-DEF shred                                                  

* adds debuff to targets which reduces their def making it semi easier for your DPS to kill targets


Holy Build: Blissful Harmony

-Movespeed Boost +%

*boosts your movespeed upon to use to help keep up in dungeons


*generally I recommend storm build. Bard has high movespeed and can easily keep up with most parties. But if you have slow loading speed holy build may be better for you.

The mastery you use for general skill will decide which element you use for your weapon if you use song of full moon use storm if you use blissful harmony use holy


Callousnous- crit + crit DMG = more heal proc


Sad Love Song- Dmg +%

            *Ballad works on all party members. Stack ballad up to 3 times to boost their dps.



Extreme Speed- EVA + Movespeed +%

            *Boosts your movespeed to help you keep up with the dps



Organized Sabotage- Reduce DMG of target

            *Keeping DMG off your party members = less work in healing



Percussive Song- EVA + Movespeed +%

            * Due to bard’s ability to easily cap DEF you won’t need to use best DEF. The duration of this skill is higher than the cooldown so you can always keep it active. Boosting your party members’ movespeed makes for a faster run




  • You don’t have to follow this exact one but this a good one to reference off of.


  • Using a tank set is usually the best idea for a support bard

Level 70:

  • Armor: Ancient Endurance


  • Max HP +8%
  • DMG received from boss -15%
  • Healing Potency +10%


  • Max HP +12%
  • DMG received from elites -15%
  • 8% chance of activating Epochal Stars when attacking, which recovers 941 HP per second for 15 seconds
  • Accessory: Soul Summoner
  • DMG received from bosses -8%
  • Max HP +1316 and CRIT DMG received -15%

Level 80:

  • Armor: Consecrated


  • DEF +5%
  • Max HP +10%
  • DMG received from Bosses -20%


  • DMG received from elites -20%
  • Max HP +15%
  • You Attacks have an 8% chance to obtain the Holy Guardian status, resulting in DEF +1186 and converting 2% of Normal Attack DMG dealt to recover your HP for 12 seconds
  • Accessory: Imperial Zenith
  • DEF +2114
  • DMG received from Elites is reduced by 20%
  • When being attacked, you have an 8% chance of triggering the Empire Safeguard status, continuously recovering 702 HP. Stacks up to 3 times and lasts for 15 seconds.


Level 90:

  • Armor: Blinding Sky Mithril


  • DEF +7%
  • Max HP +12%
  • DMG received from bosses -25%


  • DMG received from Elites -25%
  • Max HP +15%
  • Enemy attacks have an 8% chance to trigger proof of dominance, which increases your DEF by 1565 and grants you a shield that blocks 25% of DMG for the next 3 incoming attacks, Lasts for 12 seconds.
  • Accessory: Inquisitor
  • DEF +2608
  • CRIT DMG received from elite monsters reduced by 20%


Weapon Mastery:  *Suggestions of points*


* Your left path is the best for healing. It gives HP and Movespeed as well as improvements to your healing skills. The casting time for healing harmony is reduced significantly. It also gives you a very important skill called phoenix rising which prevents a death and recovers significant HP


Your right path is a dps path but you should still level it to at least 60 for the extra points.


Skill Rotation:

  • As part of your skill bar, you have tunes, it is very important to stack up your green tunes before bosses


The notes light up when you use either Ambient Drone, Storm of Full Moon, or Blissful Harmony


This gives you  a buff which stacks to 3 and increases your heal AOE and effect


When you use skills like Ballad, Healing Harmony, Holy Notes, and Healing Tones you get red notes


These give a buff which increases your DMG and DMG of harp skills


Since this is not as useful for a support bard you have to cast a skill that gives green notes after each heal to keep it stacked


When you start a dungeon always cast your Percussive Song first, then stack ballad to 3 times.


Hit mobs along the way to fill up your green notes so they’re full when you get to the boss. Refreshing Ballad when needed.


Do your best to ensure ballad is fully stacked on your party members when at the boss.


At the boss cast sleep before boss spawns unless it is a “no sleep” boss.


Hit the boss with storm song and blissful harmony to keep tunes stacked


Cast Holy notes and Healing harmony when a party member's hp goes down.


In the case of a rapidly declining HP cast your mastery skill “Phoenix Rising”


After the boss cast Percussive song and repeat this rotation


*no sleep boss: Manticore in  twilight forest: it’ll trigger the crystal


* Healing tones should not be kept on skill bar,  your other heals are more effective when tunes are stacked and make up for the aoe.


            Costume Enchants:






* Crit enchants can also be used for the face and body costumes. However, I personally prefer the - DMG taken. The % of crit is generally low even together with all the costumes. The -DMG taken will help you to be tankier.

*it is a common belief that bards should use the heal enchants on the hat. Once again heal % isn’t that important as it is believed to be and HP% would be better to use.



  • Bards use the defensive emblem(blue) generally look for one with 14% movespeed and crit dmg for a second stat if possible.


  • I have been meaning to change my emblem but even with 6% movespeed i can still keep up with mot party runs.


  • Eidolons are not as important to a bard as they are to dps in my opinion. Id recommend rolling a movespeed one to keep up with fast running parties
  • Cleopawtra, Tigerius Ceasar, or Ayako are the best movespeed eidos 


  • An eidolon with a nocturnal buff is also a good idea in place of a movespeed eido. This will benefit your party members. Kotonoha or Tsubaki is the best, in my opinion, personally, I use Tsubaki


Her nocturnal is very strong and her accessory adds def shred to targets.



  • Imperial is the best. Aim for imperial as an endgame core
  • However if imperial is out of reach use Noble as a temporary core for gear, not as a replacement

Gear Enchantment:

  • Weapons
  • Movespeed %- with either a crit boost, shield, or dmg boost to party members

*bards don’t need DD cards

  • Armor + Accessory
  • HP 3% / HP
  • Crit 3%/ crit

*personally I use HP but either will work.  Crit usually has low numbers for a secondary stat I’ve come to notice


Weapon Secret Stones


  • Purple thunderous work as well. However I personally these ones for the HP +10% and dmg taken.
  • My stats aren’t perfect an ideal would be Heal 3% Hp 2% or Heal 3% Crit DMG 6%

Other Helpful Tips:

  • As a support bard, there may be times you will guard sub so I recommend keeping a guard weapon in your bag. It will have the same core as your grimoire


  • For weapon cores, you should use Restorer (heal +10%) and either Protector (chance to reduce target’s dmg) or Deadly ( Crit DMG +15%)
  • Personally, I prefer the protector as secondary to reduce the dmg my party takes leaving less work in healing
  • I’d recommend keeping tonics and elixirs in your bag if you have the room in case of a low dps party that needs a boost
  • All bards need dps gear as well as tank gear for main quests and dailies. Keep your dps gear in an alt tab



      • Also, keep dps costumes as well for the extra boost in dmg





      • Is bottom lvl 80 stormchaser/ other gear with healing potency good with bard?
      • No, the pros of the con set outweigh the bonuses of storm chaser. And healing potency is not the most important stat for a bard.
      • Which secret stone stats should I use as a bard?
      • Either crit dmg 6% heal 3% or max hp +2% heal 3%. The heal 3% should have the same way dps looks to at least have dmg 2%
      • Which mount should I use as a bard
      • I personally recommend the crit dmg +40% mount for the heal proc.
      • Which foods should I use as a bard?
      • Personally, I recommend foods with movespeed or crit dmg

For example:


      • Which trophies should I use?
      • Use at least 2 of the following:




Personally, I recommend using the Earring, then rotating between the leaf and time travel depending on the speed of your party.


      • What pets should I use?
      • Either one with 3% crit dmg or 3% movespeed will work well enough.