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We Outlaws’ aren’t just friends, we are family, and family is everything.

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Who are we?

League of Outlaws is an active social gaming community. We strive to create an environment which promotes friendship, loyalty, and integrity. Founded in January 2017, we have established a reputation as a fun and family-like community. We continue to grow and make long-lasting memories together.


Our community takes part in a diverse range of games, from MMOs to shooters and more. We have many groups that play games such as Fortnite, League of Legends and Minecraft.


We are a multinational gaming community focused on creating an active and social community. Our Discord server always has people in it to talk with, and it’s easy to find someone to play games with. As well as a no-drama policy in place.


We host many events both in-game and on our Discord server. We’re always looking for creative new ideas for events, and also accepting community feedback from them. We have hosted PvP events, karaoke nights, movie nights, and many more.


The League of Outlaws’ leadership consists of an active team of people who strive to create a fair, friendly, and welcoming environment for each of our members. They are a group of hardworking individuals who go above and beyond to help the community.

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How To Join

We welcome anyone and everyone to our community. Joining our family is as simple as messaging us. You can message us in any game or on Discord, no interviews required. We look for mature players with a positive attitude who enjoy gaming.


Message Rem or a Vigilante on Discord


Message us in-game

Games We Play

We Are Here For You

The community plays all kinds of games from MMOs to Battle Arenas, and Adventure to Strategy games. We are very open to trying new games. Our most popular games are listed below.


Who Are We

The growth of our family relies on the backbone of our team. Here is our incredible team of commanders that help flourish our family.









Alone an Outlaw
Together a family

A family is a gift that lasts forever and never stops giving. It is where lives begin and love never dies. We are here to protect and look after this ever-loving family and to keep this community blooming with positivity.